Piano Concerto No 1 in E flat minor (rehearsal score for two pianos)

By Miriam Hyde

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Piano Concerto No 1 in E flat minor rehearsal score for two pianos.
Composed 1932-1933

The concerto is cast in a three movement, fast-slow-fast form, with the lyrical second giving way to dance-like third. In the late Romantic tradition, the melody and its developments are the prime source of interest and the driving forces in the progress of the work. Much of the dazzling technical work in the piano parts is over a held, or prolonged chord – a typical 19th century technique.

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Orchestral version recorded and released on CD Miriam  Hyde Piano Concertos - (Nos 1 & 2 are played by Miriam Hyde) with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Geoffrey Simon (Wirr091)  available online.

     ISMN 9790720209289

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