Simply Beautiful - CD

By Phillip Wilcher

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Music by Phillip Wilcher, Jeanell Carrigan, pianist

"Born out of this world I came into, the greater awareness of being within the Truth of Who I Am is that the Cycle of Life is a Circle of Love. I feel it is that I have come full circle and in so doing, I have realised my every dream as well as many a dream Life itself has in store for me. The experience of expressing myself through music and words has been simply beautiful! To that end in this world within a world without end, and without any sense of pretence had I held the child I once was in my arms but to become him again. Therefore, where it has been said that creativity has a child's heart have I chosen to open and close this CD with two sets of pieces composed for children: Playmates and Connor's Capers. End pages which house the landscape of a life, what unfolds between their varying states of innocence is every shade of Love imaginable, from "moon mystic cedars touched by a pearly light" to bedouins praying at night, all aspects of the one divine face when eyes first saw." Phillip Wilcher
This CD is dedicated to the memory of his late father, Leslie James Wilcher.

Wirr 123

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    [1-5]  Playmates
    i.   Chimes
    ii.  Rock Climbing
    iii. Care Free
    iv. The Happy Yodeller
    v. Willow Waltz
    [6] Simply Beautiful
     Sonatine Orientale                     
     Andante sognante    
     Larghetto distante        
    Allegro fugace 
    [10]  Intermezzo in E
    [11]  When eyes first saw thy beauty was as this 
     Two Preludes
     Prelude No 1 in B minor
     Prelude No 2 in B minor
    [14]  Rhapsody to the Memory of Richard Addinsell 
      A Rose in Water  
    [16-18]  Valses Mirages
     Moderato ma delirio
     Moderato e con vane speranze 
    Allegro con alle
    [19] The Liquid Light She Spills
    [20] The Years Last Loveliest Smile  
    [21]  Prelude for LH in Db major
    [22-28]  Connor’s Capers

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