South Wind, The

By Steven Stanke

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Suite for Chamber Orchestra, c.16'00

Music of Australian Women

  • Prelude – Dorothy Albery, c.1'20                                         
  • Ballade – Mary Bowden , c.3'20                                              
  • Danse Antique – Alice Charbonne-Kellerman, c.3'30           
  • Moonlight – Marcelle Christian, c.2'30                                
  • Pegasus’ Dance: Dance of the Chimera – Meta Overman, c.3'20   

     Orch. 2022

    Jane Gertrude “Nettie” Palmer 1914

    “…You will scale the height
    And break across it shedding left and right
    Cool rain, maternal shadow, fragrant air,
    Till all the gully breathes and wakes and sings…

    Come wrapt in radiance, peace and blinding storm,
    And raise your songs where league-long breakers are,
    With leaping powerful shadows near and far
    Till all your soul finds utterance in your form.”

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