Spirit Dances

By Marina Marsden

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Violin and piano works performed by Marina Marsden (violin) and Clemens Leske (piano). Works of composers Anne Boyd, Ross Edwards, Matthew Hindson, Dulcie Holland, Miram Hyde, Stephen Leek, Wilfred Lehmann, Peter Sculthorpe, Margaret Sutherland and Stephen Yates.
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1  The Big 5-0 (Matthew Hindson)
Divertimento (Dulcie Holland) [1-5]
2  Statement,
3  Scherzetto,
4  Ostinato,
5  Reprise
6  Soliloquy (Wilfred Lehmann)
7  From Saibai (Peter Sculthorpe)
Polish Variations (Wilfred Lehmann) [8-11]
8  Theme, in the Style of a Mazurka and Variation I 
9  Variation II - Scherzo (Prestissimo)
10 Variation III

11  Coda (Mazurka Tempo)
12  White Cockatoo Spirit Dance (Ross Edwards)
13  Serenade (Miriam Hyde)
14  Movements (Stephen Yates)
15  Goombungee (Stephen Leek)
16  Repetepetition (Matthew Hindson)
17  Beside Bamboos (Anne Boyd)
Sonatina (Margaret Sutherland) [18-20]
18 Gaily rhythmic
19  Singingly
20  Lively and teasing