Ten Shades of Ebony

By Mark Matthews

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10 piano solos on life, love and friendship.

Following on from a seven album septology in all the white keys, this set of 10 piano solos, utilises the sharp and flat keys. In this set, major and minor, where possible, are the palate for compositions.  It is the aim of this set of works to offer piano students more options in these keys, showing them the variations available and giving them sound experience in all these keys and the tonal differences expressed by them.   Composed 2019.

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    Garbardine Jeans, c. 2'00
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    Affinity 6/8, c.2'00 Buy Now


    Beyond the Horizon, c.2'30 Buy Now Gabriele's Garden, c. 2'10  Buy Now

    Ascension, c.2'00   Buy Now Every now and then, c.2'40 Buy Now
    Defining moment, c.2'00 Buy Now
    Darkest before the dawn, c.2'40 Buy Now

    Exceptions to the rule, c.2'30
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    Just because, c.3'00
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