Three Songs from Gus Anderson

By Betty Beath

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Three songs for mezzo-soprano and piano.

Words by Gustaf Anderson, born in 1883.  He was the composer's beloved grandfather, a gentle man, a poet and an orchardist. He led a quietly colourful life, moving amongst orange-laden trees and book-laden shelves.  His orchard lay beside the Burrum River, in Central Queensland, and the three poems selected are from a book of his poetry, entitled Burrum River Ballads.   His poems have the virtue of simplicity and clarity, it is poetry of its time. From the introduction to the same slim book: ‘He loved the bush and nature, and dedicated his whole life to his wife, Elizabeth, his family and to helping his fellow man’.

Composed 2019
    • 1. The Bird, c1'16
    • 2. Song of Spring c.1'10
    • 3. A Wish, c.100

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