Two Folk Songs

By Tony Wheeler

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Clarinet in Bb,  Pipa and Piano, c.5'40.  Grade 6

These two Chinese folk songs both originate from the province of Sichuan, and are arranged here in the form and spirit of free variations.The carrying pole, balanced across the shoulder and laden at each end with heavy loads of water, grain or other goods, can still be seen in many indigenous Chinese communities. The first song,
Tai yang chu lai (The sun comes out) is a workers’ song, sung to accompany the carrying of heavy loads up and down the mountain.
Huai hua ji shi kai? (When will the scholar tree bloom?) is a love song. A young woman is waiting on the balcony, hand on the railing, waiting for her boyfriend to return. Her mother asks what she is looking at, to which she replies, “Ehhhh, I’m just wondering when that scholar tree (huai hua) is going to bloom!”
  • When will the Scholar Tree Bloom? - c. 2'45
  • When the Sun Come Out? - c.2'55
Composed 2018

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ISMN 9790720226156
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