I can play that, Primer

By Joanne Burrows

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This is a book of beginner piano pieces, including several chord charts for the students to work out unassisted at
home or in the lesson.

The aim of these pieces is to:

  • Encourage music reading and memory
  • Develop recognition of musical words rather than a note by note reading approach
  • Develop the ear through transposition and harmonisation
  • Improve student confidence in music reading
  • Develop an instinctive feel for simple rhythmic patterns
  • Enable the use and awareness of consistent fingering
  • Improve memory skills

The repertoire included in this volume reinforces the recognition of

  • Patterns: skipping patterns, intervals of a 3rd and stepping patterns, intervals of a second
  • Direction: ascending, descending, changing direction
  • Simple rhythmic patterns

Composed 2019

Download samples

  • I can play that  - sheet music

ISMN 9790720214801

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