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By Keyna Wilkins

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Brass sextet c.4'00. Advanced grade
(three trumpets/flugel horns/cornets and three euphoniums)

Composed 2021

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        ISMN 9790673141063

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        100 Years

        By Rita Crews and Julie Spithill

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          Music Teachers' Association of NSW 1912 - 2012

          This publication documents the achievements of the  
          outstanding professional care and dedication
          provided by the Association celebrating 100 years.

          The publication is now only available as PDF

          ISBN 9781876829 26 1

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        12 Pieces for Flute and Piano

        By Graham Jesse

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        For flute and  piano

        These pieces take you on a journey through several moods and genres, including contemporary chromaticism, fun latin and jazzy grooves, a blues with characteristic pitch bends, and reflective, contemplative settings.  See descriptions of each below.
        Composed 2018.

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        (Virgina Taylor flute, Simon Tedeschi, piano)

          • 1.  Waves, c.4’30.  Grade 6 -
            The lilting opening piano motif in triple time sets the mood for floating on waves
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          •   2.  Flutter, c. 2’25. Cert. of Performance.  Uses the flutter tongue technique with a funky feel
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          • 3.  Ripples, c. 2’05. Grade 8. 
            Flowing pentatonic runs represent the pattern of ripples that spread out when a pebble is thrown into a pond.

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          • 4.  Chromatic Flight, c. 3’10.  Cert. of Performance
            An exploration of the chromatic scale
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          • 5.  Convolution, c. 2’35.  Grade 8

            The melodic motif in this piece takes some convoluted twists and turns
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          • 6.  Contemplation, c. 5’00.  Grade 6
            A meditative, contemplative piece
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        Latin Collection:

        • 7.  Bossa Flauto, c. 3’35.  Grade 7
          A Bossa Nova inspired piece
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        • 8.  Silly Galloot, c. 4’05.  Grade 7
          A Samba with some fun interplay between the flute and the piano
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        •   9.  Savusavu, c. 3’45.  Grade 7
          A Calypso with a laid-back feel
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        Jazz Collection:

        • 10.  Don This, c. 3’25.  Grade 7
          A bebop style piece dedicated to Don Burrows
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        • 11.  Waltz, c. 4’20.  Grade 6

          A pretty melody with a jazz feel in waltz time

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        • 12.  Flutist Blues, c. 3’15.  Grade 7

          A 12 bar blues with a bridge, featuring some bluesy pitch bends on the flute
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        Review in The Age and Spectrum magazine (April 2020)

        Review in Loud Mouth, Music Trust E-Zine (July 2021)

        ISMN 9790720214405

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        12 Easy Pieces for Guitar

        By Clive Lane

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        Short pieces for guitar - suggested grades 3-5. Composed 2018.

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        ISMN 9790720209630

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        12 Vocalises (high)

        By Colin Brumby

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        12 pieces for high voice and piano.
        No. 5, No. 9 - AMEB Singing Technical Work Level 2

        Composed 1998, rev. 2009

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        ISMN 9790720093369

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        12 Vocalises (low)

        By Colin Brumby

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        Low voice and piano
        No. 5, No. 9 - AMEB Singing Technical Work Level 2

        Composed 1998, rev. 2009

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        ISMN 9790720093376

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        13 Ways of Looking at a Butcherbird

        By Michael Hannan

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        13 short pieces for solo piano. Level of difficulty - 5th grade.

        Each movement is based melodically on transcribed butcherbird calls. Most pieces are transcribed from recordings in various locations around NSW and Queensland. The approach to the harmonic accompaniment to these movements varies according to the intervallic implications of the tunes.
        Composed 2005.

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        ISMN 9790720133423

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        14 Experiments

        By Fritz Hart

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        14 works for solo piano. 
        Composed 1917

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         ISMN 9790720167459 

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        17 Haiku

        By Michael Hannan

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        Solo piano

        The composer has interpreted the strict limitations of syllable numbers of the Japanese poetic haiku form in the realisation of their haiku-inspired works.  Composed 2008.  

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        ISMN 9790720140599
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        By Phillip Wilcher

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        Oboe and string orchestra, c.7'00

        A companion piece to Mozart in Love - here the composer conveys the emotions and grief felt by the world learning of the death of Mozart.
        mposed 2007

        Recorded by Rachel Tolmie, oboe and The Bourbaki Ensemble conducted by David Angell, Into His Countenance (Wirr 012) and Mozart in Love (Wirr 018), both available online 

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        ISMN M720065915
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        2 8 1951

        By John D'Arcy

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        Solo Piano, c.3'30.  6th grade
        Composed 2023

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        ISMN 9790673144910

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        23rd Psalm, The - for TTBB

        By Houston Dunleavy

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        TTBB choir, c.4'00
        Composed 2000

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        ISMN M720011882
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