Surreptitiously Astute Stoat and the Cat, The

By Gina Ismene Chitty

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For piano,  c.2'40.  Advanced level of difficulty

This is a reflection on an encounter between a lively stoat and a smugly lethargic house cat. The music captures the stoat’s irregular and rapid movements as it moves swiftly and nimbly, manoeuvring strategically to disrupt the cat’s tranquillity. The stoat’s anxiously jerky movements captured in the opening bars, contrast with the smoother and richer texture of the pseudo romantic middle section that portrays the cat’s ability to remain unperturbed in the face of the stoat’s antics.

If adhering to a faster tempo, the piece is suitable for an advanced pianist, as it requires a swift movement and a lightness and clarity of tone in the left hand chords in the opening bars. But, as the piece progresses there is plenty of opportunity for an interpretive rubato.

Taken  at a slower tempo it will be suitable for intermediate players as well.

Composed 2020

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