All by Myself

By Paul Paviour

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Eight miniature pieces for solo piano.  Grades 3, 4, 5

...from isolation - dedicated to the COVID-19 experience!

    Composed 2020

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     ISMN 9790720227702

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    Amphitrite's Dream

    By Piotr Nowotnik

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    Grand piano and Chinese Bawu

    Composed for a traditional Chinese Bawu in a key of "D"- without any additional keys or scale extensions mechanisms.  The Bawu part can also be performed clarinet.
    Composed 2018

    Hard copy price includes two scores

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    ISMN 9790720226798

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    Ancient Rivers

    By John Terry

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    Solo piano, c.19.20. Advanced level of difficulty

    Recorded by John Martin on the CD, Ancient Rivers (Wirr 006) available online

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    ISMN M720065465
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    Ancient Rivers - album

    By Various Composers

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    12 piano solo works by various Australian Composers. 

    All pieces are available as individual sheet music (see specific works). 
    Ancient Rivers (Wirr006) CD also available online played by John Martin

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    ISMN M720065922

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    and here is the news ...

    By Paul Paviour

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    9 pieces for solo piano.  Advanced grades
    Current events informed by mean of piano.

    Composed 2023
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    ISMN 9790673142770

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    And So it Goes

    By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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    Piano solo, c.2'00.  Grade 2

    This piece was written for teens, although it equally will resonate with adults and with many pre-teens. The journey through adolescence can be a dark and lonely experience and there is often a tendency for young people to immerse themselves in melancholia. As always in writing for teens, my aim has been to create a balance between allowing the young person to live fully into their emotional life while also giving them a window of light, hope and joy to aspire to so that both the emotional and spiritual needs of adolescence are being met. As such, the music is deeply evocative but any darkness is tempered with light so that the psyche is protected, nourished and enriched.  Composed 2016


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     ISMN 9790720172026 

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    Andante Teneramente and Etude for Left Hand

    By Phillip Wilcher

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    Solo piano, c..3'50. Grade: LMus
    Composed 2011

    Recorded by Jeanell  Carrigan on Wind Chimes (Wirr049 ) available online

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    Animal Magic Suite

    By Jenny Lee-robins

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    12 piano solos for early grades.   Grades Preliminary  - 5th
    The Suite reflects the characteristics of various animals and is suitable to be played separately for exam purposes. Composed 2006.

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    ISMN 9790720151052

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    Another Pinch and a Stronger Dash

    By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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    8 solo piano pieces for early to intermediate piano

    Grades lst to 3rd. A collection of morsels to inspire children by stimulating their interest and imagination.

    Below are samples of each piece and complete audio tracks


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       ISMN 9790720106991

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      Antarctica - volume

      By Various Composers

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      New music for toy piano and/or piano.
      Another exciting University of Western Sydney project of newly composed works inspired by the landscapes and atmospheres of one of the most fascinating continents on the planet.  Antarctica is considered an inhospitable continent but it has fascinated and inspired not only travellers, scientists, researchers but musicians and writers.  This program of eleven composers from five countries draws on the sounds of the piano, and the clear, distinctive sound of two toy pianos, into their works.

      Recorded by Antonietta in Australia and Italy on the CD Antarctica (Wirr 059) available online.

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      By Jane Hammond

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      Solo piano c.5'10.  Licentiate Level 3, AMEB Piano

      “Where am I going? I don’t quite know.”

      Anywhere is a setting without voice of the poem “Spring Morning” by the English poet Alan Alexander Milne (1882–1956) from his 1924 collection of poems ‘When We Were Very Young’.

      This jazz inspired work sounds like an improvisation: the opening consists of fragments and question marks. A terrific piece for students interested in jazz and improvisation!

      Recorded and edited by Katie Zhukov in the volume of Australian Women Composers' Anthology Vol I available online

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          Apocryphon of Initiation

          By Larry Sitsky

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          Concerto No. 3 for piano (without orchestra) in 9 movements, c.48'00

          Over the past decade and a half, Larry Sitsky has made a tremendous contribution to the Australian piano repertoire in a series of longer, improvisatory piano works. This series begins with The Way of the Seeker from 2006 and includes four piano sonatas and four other multi-movement works (Way of the Seeker, Dimensions of Night, The Golden Dawn, and finally Apocryphon of Initiation). Composed 2019

          • 1.  The Pyramid of Light
          • 2.  The Veil of Isis
          • 3.  Mysteries of Osiris
          • 4.  The Avenue of Sphinxes
          • 5.  The Hidden God
          • 6.  Voices from Silence
          • 7.  Night of Seth
          • 8.  Opening the eyes of Horus
          • 9.  Illumination of the adept

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          This work has been recorded on Language of Angels: Larry Sitsky & Ancient Mysticism, Edward Neeman (piano) 2022, available:

          ISMN 9790720249742

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