Calling The Turtles In

By Frank Millward

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Flue solo, c.2'56

Recorded and vailable online, the CD From a Bridge of Dreams (Wirr 005) performed by Emma Knott (flute); also an album of sheet music by the same title with 22 flute works.

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ISMN M720065274
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Canonic Variations

By Larry Sitsky

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Two flutes, two scores.  Composed 1997

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ISMN 9790720164502

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Champagne Flute, The

By John Spence

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Flute and piano, c.5'00
Composed 2008

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Cool Valley

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Flute, oboe and string quartet, c.5'20
Composed 2008 rev. 2012

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Day of the Singing Birds, The

By Wendy Hiscocks

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Soprano and piano with optional flute obbligato, c.1'50".  Grade 6

This moving poem, echoing the Song of Songs, was written by a friend, the British composer and writer Dennis Stoll (1912–87).  Composed 1991            

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 ISMN 9790720146461 

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Deepwater 1

By Karlin G Love

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Alto flute and guitar, c.2'10

This piece reflects upon exuberant joy of the process of forgiveness and on the life of the South Esk River as it flows through Cataract Gorge in Launceston, Tasmania.
Composed 2002
Price for hard copy purchase includes two scores.

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ISMN 9790720172378
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Deepwater 2

By Karlin G Love

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Alto flute, guitar and classical guitar, c.4'30

Deepwater 2: Upwelling is the second of two pieces for alto flute and classical guitar.
Composed 2006

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ISMN 97907206194

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Des Oiseaux et de la Danse

By Peter Rankine

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Flute solo, c.3'00
This music falls into two sections. In des Oiseaux, fantastic birdcalls provide the thematic material and something of the dramatic character of the music, while la Danse is a short, ecstatic dance of high energy and constantly changing metres.
Composed 2010, 2nd Ed 2017

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ISMN 9790720172545
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Differing Dialogues

By Vincent Giles

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Solo bass flute with CD playback, c.4'40
The dialogues form a context for a solo by bass flute which deviates in and out of the musical conversation, including some improvised sections in which listening becomes the primary focus for the performer. Part of the enjoyment of the work is the subjective interpretation.  Composed 2009 rev. 2011
Audio extract used with permission -  performed by Peter Sheridan from Monologues and Dialogues Move MD3349

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ISMN 9790720126081
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By Raymond Hanson

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For woodwind quintet in 8 movements
Composition date 1971

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Don't be coy, sing with joy

By Paul Paviour

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Carol for female choir, 2 flutes and piano, c.1'30
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ISMN M720078052

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By Amanda Handel

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Solo flute, c.11'00.   Grade L.Mus
Includes audio CD performed by Beate Lackmann. 
Composed 2007

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