Wind Stirs Gently, The (fl/pn)

By Nigel Butterley

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Flute and piano, c.4'30, Grade 8

Available on CD From a Bridge of Dreams (Wirr 005) performed by Emma Knott (flute) and David Miller (piano); also within an album of sheet music by the same title with 22 flute works.

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Wind Through the Trees (viola)

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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Viola and piano, c.1'15.  Grade 2

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Windhover, The

By Richard Chew

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Solo violin, c.4'55
After the poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins

The Windhover is a musical meditation on the famous poem by Hopkins. The composer endeavoures to convey the poet’s concept of ‘sprung rhythm’, which is designed to simulate the natural rhythmic contours of speech. In this piece, the stresses in the melodic line align to the four stressed syllables or ‘feet’ in Hopkins’ original.
Composed 2023

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Winds Stirs Gently, The (fl/vc)

By Nigel Butterley

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Flute and cello, c.4'30.  Grade: Moderately difficult

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 ISMN M720065410 

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Wings of the Wind

By May Howlett

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Flute and piano in 3 movements.  Grade 5

The flute is an instrument that lends itself to many moods. These short pieces aim to capture several of these, from light and bouncy to sustained and sexy. 

Recorded on the CDs Flute Odyssey (Wirr 016) and "Celebrating May" (Wirr 058) by Emma Knott and David Miller available online

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Wings of the Wind Trio

By May Howlett

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Flute, cello and piano in 3 movements.  
This popular suite was first composed for flute and piano and has now the cello companion. Both instruments lend themselves to the many moods of the winds. These short pieces aim to capture several of these, from light and bouncy to sustained and sexy!
Composed 2014

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By Vivien Arnold

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Choir, flute and piano 

Words by Diana Exon.  Composed 2017
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By Harry Sdraulig

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Flute and Cello, c.9'00

Though conceived as a gentle and often meditative piece, Winter has moments of both sunlight and shadow. The title carries no specific programmatic significance, but the overall journey of the work can be likened to a winter stroll through the woods, with many twists and turns along the way. The flute and cello converse and interact in bi-modal conversation throughout, at times with considerable passion, but eventually achieve solitude in a soft and peaceful conclusion.
Composed 2016

Hard copy purchase includes two scores.

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Winter Land, The

By Alan Hinde

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Solo piano, c.7'15.  Advanced grade
Composed 2017

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Winter Willow Music (Hyde)

By Miriam Hyde

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Medium to high voice and piano, c.1'30
Words by Miriam Hyde.

Composed 1954

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Wirripang - from the beginnning

By Brennan Keats

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The dedications below encapsulate the contents of this book about the origins and formation of the publishing house Wirripang that can now claim to be the largest publisher of Australian sheet music in the world.

To my darling wife Anne (Annie), the driving force behind the not inconsiderable achievements of Wirripang.

To Wirripang, born of blood, tears and sweat; you rise, soar and glide on the rich winds of dedication, passion and love of all things cultural, high in a rarified atmosphere above an abused, tired and war-torn planet.

Both Anne and Brennan Keats were raised with a strong sense of the value of Australian culture. Anne, the product of country parents who later embraced the richness of city living yet retained a strong sense of country values, that included a great pride of Australia and all things Australian.

Brennan whose parents were both professional musicians had instilled in him from an early age the value of music from a deeply cultural viewpoint, yet at the same time it was made clear to him that music would not be his profession.

Both parents left their respective children a legacy; in the case of Anne a strong work ethic and as stated love of country; in the case of Brennan a considerable collection of music, some being unpublished because the publishers of the day looked not to its cultural value but rather to the money it would generate them.

Over the years both offspring, albeit unconsciously, gradually worked to combining their respective legacies to form an enterprise that would publish music of cultural value with a view to bringing it before a discerning public, as well as ensuring that it would not be lost to future generations. This is their story. There were tears spilt by them; there were many late nights and early mornings; there were ghosts; there are examples of dedication to their art by some who have become the strongest of friends and remain with Wirripang to the present day, and above all and in us all a passion for Australian culture.

ISBN 9781876829568

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Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - Book 1 - 2011

By Various Composers

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Piano solos - Grades 1- 4. 
21 piano works by Australian Composers 2011.  
Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov  with audio files of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov in YouTube links below.
See also Book 2 (Grades 5-7) and Book 3 (Grades 8 to Dip)

Many works now on the ANZCA Syllabus

Grade 1
1.  Pentatonic Pauline - Paul Paviour, c.0'58
2.  Raindrops on the Window - Jocelyn Kotchie, c.0'53
3.  Ball Games - Squash - Diana Blom, c.0'48
4.  La Señorita - Colin Brumby, c.0'48
5.  On A Pond - Amanda Handel, c.0'55
 Grade 2
6.  At Sundown - Amanda Handel, c.1'00
7.  A Flourish of Trumpets - Phillip Wilcher, c.0'56
8.  Nick Nack Paddywack - Paul Paviour, c.0'56
9.  Lullaby - Phillip Wilcher, c.1'28
10. The tightrope walker - Jennifer Trynes, c.2'03
11. Circus Invention - Jocelyn E Kotchie, c.0'49
Grade 3
12.  Little Interlude for Billy - Andrew Schultz, c.2'20
13.  The Afghans - Stephen O'Connell, c.2'06
14.  Sunday at St Stephens - Mark Matthews, c.2'04
15.  Tip-Toe Tango - Jocelyn E Kotchie, c.1'10
16.  Ball Games - Table Tennis - Diana Blom, c.0'56
Grade 4
17.  Mistique - Mark Matthews, c.2'09
18.  Ball Games - Basketball - Diana Blom, c.1'29
19.  Rondino - Colin Brumby, c.1'42
20.  A Quiet Obsession - John Peterson, c.1'15
21.  Oracle - Mark Matthews, c.2'09

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