Jennifer Trynes

Born in Sydney in 1966 Jennifer Trynes was educated at James Ruse Agricultural High School and the University of Sydney where she completed a BA degree with a double major in Music; her special interests were Composition and Aboriginal Performing Arts.

In keeping with her life-long interests in agriculture and the environment, Jennifer lives on a property on the mid-North Coast. She has undertaken a major project to regenerate the old-growth forest on her property. Jennifer finds inspiration in the ancient presence of the rainforest, with its rushing waterfall, its abundant wildlife, its overwhelming sense of antiquity. Being ecologically sensitive, Jennifer follows an almost totally self-sufficient lifestyle, using only tank water and solar power to help reduce her family' environmental footprint.

Jennifer's interest in music education and composition began during her school days; even before her graduation she had already built up a well-reputed private studio. In 1988 she also commenced teaching piano, theory and musicianship at Trinity Grammar’s Summer Hill campus and Strathfield Campus where she still maintains a studio.

Commencing her career in the early 1980's, Jennifer's successful teaching experience has evolved in a system of carefully graded pieces comprising 5 books, entitled 'Progressive Piano Series.' These books lead the students step by step from absolute beginner to a level where they can move smoothly to AMEB and other examining studies or continue playing simply for pleasure, building on the solid foundation provided in her piano series.

'The little clown', which is included in the new Piano Series 16 - Grade 2, is described by the AMEB as follows:

"This work is part of a rich tradition of Australian piano writing for young student pianists. Other notable representatives of this tradition include Ray Agnew, Alfred Hill, Miriam Hyde, Dulcie Holland and Larry Sitsky."

In their handbook to Piano Series 16 (pre/1/2) the AMEB discussed her Progressive Piano Series:"

Australian composer Jennifer Trynes has composed a number of piano works for student pianists of all levels. Her Progressive Piano Series is, like Bartok’s Mikrokosmos, a graded series of pedagogically oriented compositions … in which Trynes' stated aim is to fill a need for lively and varied music with a fresh, modern approach for students of today."

Students proceed eagerly from piece to piece, learning a new concept or skill from each one. They enjoy the challenge of completing each book, and look forward to moving on to the next 'colour' in the series, a most useful tool for maintaining their interest and enthusiasm. The music is both challenging and appealing to the young learner and the books are well-presented with illustrations by Anthony J. Tallon that reflect Jennifer’s long-standing interest in Australian wildlife.

However, Jennifer's compositions are not limited to music for the early learner. She has produced a wide variety of piano pieces, including a book of preludes, and seven works in an album entitled 'Contrasts', among others. Many of these compositions are suitable for performance by advanced students, at HSC examinations, eisteddfods or as AMEB extra lists. As with all her works, Jennifer’s more advanced pieces extend the performer: they are not only technically challenging but interpretatively demanding. Both precision and expressive maturity are required to realise their potential.

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