Annie Burbank

Annie Burbank was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She studied piano from a young age with Bruce Rixon, and completed the higher levels with Miss Eunice Gardiner, including earning the Licentiate diploma in Piano Performance from the Trinity College of London in 1985.  Annie also completed the Bachelor of Music degree from The University of Sydney in 1988, including composition under Peter Sculthorpe and Dr Eric Gross.  Annie has been composing since she was a child, and has continued to write for mostly piano, but also for a variety of instrumental and vocal combinations. Annie has been a working musician since being at university, performing piano at hotels and restaurants in Australia and overseas, and has also been teaching for many years privately, as a regional conservatorium staff member, and as a high school music teacher. Annie’s career focus is increasingly on composition, creating remarkable and lush pieces for piano and other instruments, at a variety of performance levels.

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