David Morris

David Morris was born in Sea Lake, Victoria in 1964, grew up in Victoria and South Australia and now lives in Sydney. He studied piano from the age of seven and clarinet at high school, and gained a Bachelor of Music in piano performance at the University of Adelaide in 1985. He developed a strong interest in choral singing during his university years, and has sung in parish, cathedral, university, community and festival choirs in several Australian states.

He began composing in his early teens and is largely self-taught, gaining a Fellowship of the Trinity College of London in Composition and associate representation as a composer with the Australian Music Centre in 1996.

David's compositions sit firmly within the Western classical tradition, while acknowledging influences as diverse as plainchant, Celtic folk, middle-of-the-road jazz and blues, and minimalism. A well-crafted, elegant, approachable and deceptively simple style yields depths and detail to challenge and reward performers and listeners. He has a special interest in choral, vocal solo and chamber instrumental music, and his compositions and arrangements often include options for flexible combinations.

Two original compositions and two arrangements for three keyboards have been published by Manduca Music, Maine, USA. One choral work, Veni Redemptor Gencium, was awarded a high commendation in the Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto Christmas Carol and Hannukah Song Writing Competition in 1996 and another, Alleluya, was performed by the Lutheran Choir of Chicago in 1997. Other performances have been at local, community concerts.

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