Simon Bailey

Simon Bailey grew up in a musical family (mother an accomplished pianist, father a keen singer and all siblings learning instruments from an early age) but his lack of diligent practice ruled out any prospect of a serious musical career.  High school rock bands and a growing interest in jazz led to a few years of semi-regular work in a function band until – having received lots of advice to not give up his day job - he opted to pursue a career in law.

 But music remained his passion, and has been a constant creative outlet and counterbalance to the demands of work and family.   After years playing and improvising at the piano, Simon turned to composition as a way of refining, developing and giving permanence to his musical ideas. 

 Simon‘s pieces – mostly short works for solo piano or small ensemble – usually start life as improvisations, to be mulled over, revised, nurtured and connected with other fragments until they stand on their own as complete musical works.  Drawing on a wide range of classical, contemporary and jazz influences, Simon’s works are original, catchy and lyrical.

 Launching new compositions during a pandemic has been challenging, but Simon has had compositions performed in several on line recitals, most recently for Melbourne’s Bayside Chamber Orchestra.

 Simon lives in Melbourne with flautist Kaye Duffell.  The couple have three adult children. 

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