Amanda Handel

Navigating the nexus of Classical Contemporary and World Music, Amanda is a composer with a unique and distinctive musical style. 
Her music has been described as “... hauntingly beautiful, creative, cohesive and compositionally advanced...”, “...engaging and evocative” and “seductive with a Spanish tinge, and a lot of grit”. 
Amanda has a Masters Degree in Composition and has undertaken private study and tuition in Flamenco and Tango music abroad. Her compositions explore a range of themes such as mandalas, mythologies, landscapes and dance forms. Her catalogue of scores includes many commissioned works for various ensembles and soloists. Amanda’s music has been performed in National and International Festivals, broadcast on radio, and recorded on CDs by other artists. 
In 2012 Amanda released a CD titled Gardens of Stone – a programme of music for piano and didjeridu inspired by landscapes in the Blue Mountains and other natural phenomena. She worked collaboratively with didjeridu virtuoso Michael Jackson on the project. For information and samples go to
Her previous CD release, Ghosts and Angels, was also a collaborative work, with electronic artist GL Seiler. This album received both excellent reviews and radio airplay. It reached the list of finalists for the Australian Music Prize in 2007.
Amanda has substantial training in Classical Piano and many years experience as a teacher and in giving solo piano recitals.  She also performs at the piano in duo and ensemble settings across a range of styles which incorporate improvisation and extended piano techniques.
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