Glenn Dixon

Born in Sydney in November 1979, Glenn Dixon took naturally to the piano by age 9. After 6 months of self-learning, Glenn began piano lessons with a family friend. Throughout high school, Glenn learned guitar, drums, bass guitar, and saxophone while pursuing classical studies and piano performance.

Glenn started writing music and songs at age 16 and soon after studied piano and music theory with Ross Hamilton. Glenn was awarded his AMusA and LMusA for piano in 1998 and 2002 respectively, and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in 2001 from UNSW. Glenn later returned to UNSW to complete a Bachelor of Arts (Music) / Education (Secondary), where he was awarded The Marie Robertson Prize for best performance in Music Studies in 2016.

During 2012-14 Glenn recorded a rock album titled ‘Portraits & Paintings’. The album was written and performed entirely by Glenn himself, with production by Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios. The collection of songs incorporated blues and classical piano influences with a subtle hint of musical songwriting, reflecting Glenn's background and versatility as composer and performer.

Alongside these achievements, Glenn's primary musical focus has remained his piano repertoire. Rock, blues, jazz, impressionism, and serialism are found across his composition work, much of it written for school and eisteddfod performance. Similar to his popular music, Glenn's classical compositions incorporate dynamic tempos, melodic and rhythmic motifs, and quasi improvisational styles.

 Glenn is currently a practicing Landscape Architect in Sydney and maintains a keen interest in the relationship between music, art, architecture, and landscape architecture.

Selected works announcement for ISCM 2023 World New Music Days in South Africa (Individual Submissions)


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