Stephen O'Connell OAM

StephenOConnellStephen is a well known tenor and soprano saxophonists who has a broad background and training in classical music traditions and has specialized in the fields of jazz, blues, funk, rock and pop with extensive recording and live experience. He has toured, played and recorded with many well-known artists including Ross Wilson, Phil Manning (Chain), Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges, Steve Arvey, Kamahl, Rolf Harris, Four Kinsmen, The Drifters, The Platters and JW Jones. Stephen had a long involvement with the highly regraded Sydney based blues band, “The Bellhops” playing with them since 1990 and winning three Chain Awards at the Australian Blues Music Festival.

In 2008 and 2009, along with 14 visual artists, he travelled to Illara Rockhole in Central Australia in order write new works related to the unique environment he encountered there. Stephen has composed many songs and other musical works over the years and is now focussed on creating a unique canon of Australian instrumental music. Stephen is currently the Director of the Murray Conservatorium in NSW, Australia.

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