Australian Piano Music 1850-1950

By Jeanell Carrigan

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  A Guide to the Composers and Repertoire

This book aims to give an overview of the piano music and those composers who called Australia home, in the 100 years 1850-1950.

The composers who wrote the music are presented alphabetically by surname, discussing pertinent biographical details, influences on their style and their contribution to music generally and piano music specifically. Each work listed will give a date composed; date published (if either of those facts are to be discovered); duration (approximate); difficulty grading; provenance of the score; availability of any recordings and a brief description of stylistic characteristics. In some cases, there is a reference to the composition but if no score could be found for discussion or grading there will be ‘NS’ placed in the record.

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a sound recording does even more than that. This book could fill its pages with descriptions of style and individual characteristics of composers but by adding sound files (sample recordings) wherever possible it is hoped that there will be a greater insight into each composers’ musical language and most importantly, a good idea of what the music sounds like.

The book is available in two versions: 

1.  Hard copy with QR codes of sample recordings scattered throughout.  Using a smart phone these codes can be scanned so as to listen to the recordings.
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2.  Digital download with more than 250 sample recordings digitally linked to most composers' works. Online (internet) accesses is required in order to link to the recordings.
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