Woman Who Stands Alone, A

By Brennan Keats

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The biography of Janet Keats 1900-1985.  A lifetime dedicated to the furtherance of the contribution made to Australian musical culture by her husband Horace Keats, despite the parlous circumstances that befell her upon his early death.

Born to a privileged country life and raised in the best of Victorian tradition by three maiden aunts, her early education instilled a love of matters intellectual, cultural and an attraction to those who pursue it.  Her experience of war and its horror was both indirect and direct. Towards the end of WWI she performed as a volunteer singer and pianist in the ‘rest rooms’ provided for the soldiers, and saw the impact upon their young lives. During WWII her contact with war was devastated by the loss of her eldest son.  Her choices of husbands were men of exceptional artistic ability. Her first longest and happiest marriage was to a gifted musician and composer, her second to a man of words, both men leaving a lasting cultural legacy that exists to the present day.  Her third marriage was to a man whose cultural and intellectual abilities were inhibited by his Norfolk Island upbringing and WWII.

Through her strength and strong belief she raised her youngest son passing on her beliefs so setting the course for the evolution of the Australian music publishing house, Wirripang.

ISBN: 9781876829384 

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