Andrew Schultz Piano Music

By Andrew Schultz

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For Andrew Schultz, the music in this collection covers most of his output written for solo piano over an almost thirty year period since 1987. With his amazing virtuosity, the well known Australian born and  international pianist, Antony Gray, demonstrates his expressive control of phrasing and colour which makes this disc a most pleasurable listening experience.
Wirr 078

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  Interludes, Op. 100, No. 2
1 A gift of paper
2  Secret meetings
Nocturnes and Variations, Op.96
3   Nocturne - Lento
4   Variations - Sostenuto e misterioso
5   Nocturne - Liquido (quasi senza misura)
Prelude and Postscript, Op. 100, No. 1
6   Prelude
7   Postscript
Four Inventions, Op. 74a
8   Paradise Bar Prelude
9   Toccata (in two parts)
10  Little Interlude for Billy
11  Poppy's Fugue (in two parts)
12  Sleepers Wake - Karalananga, Op. 64b
13 Barcarolle, Op. 54a
14 Sea-Change, Op. 32