I can write music- HSC Music 1 & 2

By Joanne Burrows

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Finding your musical voice

This is a resource book for the student, the classroom teacher and the private studio teacher with suggestions to inspire creativity and music composition. I believe everyone is capable of writing music. Nick Cave when describing his song writing process stated, “The big problem with song-writing for me is starting a new song. It's the thing where all the anguish exists, not in the writing of the song, but the starting of the new song.” 

A range of exercises is included so that students can explore the possibilities of sound in terms of: pitch, duration, texture, register, tone colour, and expressive techniques. 

For ease of use 
•   Most examples and exercises are in simple keys and all exercises can be transposed to suitable keys
•   Examples in treble and bass clefs are included, this will enable all students to read and connect with the information presented
•   The words triad and chord are used interchangeably to describe three or more notes played together. 

Compiled 2018

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ISMN 9790720209135