Labyrinths of Lowness

By Peter Sheridan, Monash University Flute Ensemble

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   Monash University Flute Ensemble conducted by Peter Sheridan
   with Alice Bennett, solo bass flute.  This CD features works
   specifically composed and arranged for the low flutes ensemble,
   which is a modern collection of larger flutes that play below the
   tone known as middle C. On this recording are flutes that play as
low as cellos, double string basses and even tubas and organ  pipes.  The innovative performances of this Ensemble have added value to the growing Australian and International flute-ensemble repertoire as well as to the overall creativity of the flute family.
Wirr 064

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1 Jesu, Meine Freude ( J.S. Bach arr Vincent Giles/Peter Sheridan)
2  Labyrinths of Lowness (Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda) 
3  Romance (J. Brahms arr Ann Cameron-Pearce)
4  Anagrammata (Paul Ballam-Cross)
5  Three Short Pieces (i) Jazmine Morris
6  Three Short Pieces (ii)
7  Three Short Pieces (iii) 
8  Sherill's Little Song (Houston Dunleavy)
9  Lyric Song (Michal Rosiak)
10  An Ancient Irish Melody (Brennan Keats)
11  Illuminations (arr. Nancy Nourse)
12  In The Hills (Jazmine Morris)
13  Winter's Twilight (Emma Rogers)
14  'Vos Planetarium' (Russell Scarborough)