Piano Memories - CD

By Mark John Mcencroe

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Piano pieces composed and record by Mark John McEncroe

This is a collection of the very original versions of some of my piano works that have already been recorded & released in their final form on various other CDs with Australian pianists Van-Anh Nguyen, John Martin, Helen Kennedy and Japanese American pianist Yoko Hagino. On this CD the composer has recorded these pieces himself in his home studio in Sydney Australia.

Wirr 111 Available only as digital download*

Sheet music for most pieces are available online - Reflections and Recollections Volumes I, II and III

Audio samples

1.  Ripples in the Rain
2.  Andante Moderato
3.  Shades of Autumn
4.  Cindy's Song
5.  Dance of the Pagans
6.  Fleeting Images
7.  Daybreak
8.  Fading Memories
9.  And the Congregation Goes - Amen
10. Song for Cecile
11. Images of Times Past
12. A Parting of the Ways

* Streaming now available