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Scenes from an Australian Childhood

By Wendy Hiscocks

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7 pieces for solo piano,   Grade - L.Mus.

Like Schumann’s set of piano pieces with a similar title, this volume is written from an adult’s perspective. Each scene recalls some aspect of the composer's childhood, with many set in the southern region of New South Wales, Australia. This region, is not the flat, drought-ridden landscape depicted by so many Australian poets and writers, but a country whose flora, fauna and natural weather patterns creates a vibrant and exciting environment.
Composed 1987-2013     
Includes CD of all pieces performed by Scott McCarrey

See review in International Piano (May/June 2016 issue) by Murray McLachlan
Scenes from an Australian Childhood


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By Wendy Hiscocks

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Piano solo,  c.2'30.  Grade 7

Toccata was composed while studying with Peter Sculthorpe at Sydney University, in response to a workshop commission for the Sydney Schumann Society held in the Studio, Sydney Opera House. The work was influenced by the composer’s introduction to Indian raga, and by encouragement from Peggy Glanville-Hicks to concentrate on melody and rhythm.
Composed 1983          

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Two Shakespeare Songs

By Wendy Hiscocks

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Voice and piano, c.3'30. Grade 8

1. When Icicles hang by the Wall [c.2'06] (from Shakespeare’s Love's Labours Lost) picture the icy north wind as the storyteller. Outwardly she's cold and icy, frost glistening on her face, but inwardly she's full of fire, playful, humorous and thoroughly enjoying a nip at people's fingers and noses.

2. Where the Bee Sucks [c.1'05] (from The Tempest) reflects Ariel's feelings, a free spirit of light and air who, after years of imprisonment in the trunk of a tree, will be set free after his service to Prospero. As his release draws near, he breaks into delighted song and dance at the thought.
Composed 1991-92

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Voice of Australia

By Various Composers

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Complete Volumes I & II 
Features 29 Australian songs performed by soprano Wendy Dixon, baritone Tim Collins and pianist David Miller. These works demonstrate the unique relationship between poet, composer, singer and pianist in the genre of art song. 

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See also online, Voice of Australia Volumes I and II teaching manuals and sheet music for all 29 songs, and Volume I in both medium and high voice.
Wirr 086

PDF download of words to all songs

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1   First Person Feminine - iii - (Ian Cooper)
2   First Person Feminine - vii - (Ian Cooper)
3   Strange Requiem - (Margaret Sutherland)
4   Titania's Lullaby - (Hugh Dixon)
5   Auguries of Innocence - (John Peterson)
6   I am Black - (Andrew Schultz)
7   Frogs 1 - (Nigel Butterley)
8   Frogs 2 - (Nigel Butterley)
9   Frogs 3 - (Nigel Butterley)
10 Quel rosignuol - (Colin Brumby)
11 Each thoughtless day - (Trevor Pearce)
12 where the wind sighs - (Trevor Pearce)
13 Night After Bushfire - (Gordon Kerry)
14 Balloon Ride - (Stuart Greenbaum)
15 Asmaradana - (Betty Beath)
16 Turning Fifty - (Paul Paviour)
17 The Downfall - (James Penberthy)
18 To say before going to sleep - (Stephen Yates)
19 She wore a black ribbon - (Martin Wesley-Smith)
20 The bird sings - (Rhonda Berry)
21 Golden Boy - (Stephen Cronin)
22 A Summer's Day - (Gerald Glynn)
23 Burn out my eyes - (Quentin Grant)
24 Coolness - (David Keeffe)
25 Of a noble race she came - (Roger Smalley)
26 Bush Christmas - (Wendy Hiscocks)
27 Listening to the Harp - (Larry Sitsky)
28 The Moon Has Set - (Kevin Marsh)
29 To A Child - (Ross Edwards)