Piano Duet

Stairway to the Moon - piano duet

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Piano duet, c.4'00.  

As the Full Moon rises over Roebuck Bay in Broome at certain times the exposed tidal flats are transformed into a staircase of light rising slowly to meet the orb hanging huge and shimmering gold. This phenomenon is a rare spectacle that brings many tourists to various vantage points including Town Beach and the Mangrove Hotel to wait for the Moon to rise. As the excitement and anticipation mounts spectators at the Hotel are entertained by a honky tonk piano belting out a jazz theme which contains an undercurrent of bass repetitive notes. However this percussive refrain also evokes the didgeridoo and the clap stick- a homage to the those who first witnessed this strange and captivating event in the Dreamtime. The old meets the new. This is a special and ancient place on the west Pilbara and Kimberley coast of Western Australia. The mangroves and mudflats of Roebuck is in Yawuru country. The Staircase forms part of the Lurujarri Trail. 
As the Moon rises and exposes the stairs the piano chords become silvery and step up in rises with tonalities we have grown to look forward to from this composer. The Moon interlude then becomes a captivating mixture of the modern spectators excitement and wonder as the staircase builds and of the old Moon man of the Dreamtime as danced by the Bardi people who understand the strong tides and their precious saltwater environment.

Composed 2018

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    Those Fiddlers Three

    By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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    Piano duet for advanced students.

    Often there is an historical context for nursery rhymes – whether securely or loosely based on fact or as the result of local or urban mythology, passed down through the generations. This duet has been adapted from the solo piece of the same name, taken from my suite, ‘A Right Royal Flush’: a satirical reinvention of five favourite nursery rhymes with a medieval flavour and a jazz twist.


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    Three Short Pieces for piano four hands

    By John Peterson

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    Piano for four hands

    Composed 2021

    • A Quiet Obsession, c.2'10
    • Watching the River Flow, c.1'45
    • Lucky Thirteen, c.1'35

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      Two Chinese Folk Songs

      By Diana Blom

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      Piano Duet
      The two piano duets revel in the richness of the pentatonic scale with the four hands of the pianists exploring the full range of the keyboard then interlocking closely together within one register.  Composed 2016

      Recorded on New Music for Multiple Keyboards CD (Wirr 089) is available online

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      Two Duets for Piano Four Hands

      By Miriam Hyde

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      Piano duets for four hands, both Grade 7.   Price is for two hard copy scores
      • Gay Toccata, composed 1974; 
      • Toccata for Two, composed 1973 
      Toccata for Two - Allegro, molto ritmico, recorded by Bonnie Brown and Louisa Breen on their disc "Songs of Home" - Australia Music for Piano Duo and Duet

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      ISMN 9790720164410
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      Wistful Waltz (piano duet)

      By Ann Carr-boyd

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      Piano duet, c.1'45  

      Written as a piano solo by John Martin for the series, Piano Progressions Anthology Two in 2020, Ann Carr-Boyd when playing it for the first time loved the mood of the piece as well as its interesting and unexpected turns and twists of melody and harmony, so with permission, she just had to set it as this delightful piano duet!

      Composed 2021

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