Opera Nuova, Op.1 No.1

By Sofia Chapman

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Piano Accordion, c.1'25.  Grade 5

From the play by the composer “The Accidental Death of an Accordionist”. A rebel accordionist, Sinistra Loca, is kidnapped and forced to join an Accordion Orchestra. The Conductor, Herr Mettick, has been instructed by the Sponsors to present insipid easy-listening medleys and only play on the white notes, yet Sinistra insists on playing discordantly using black notes and accidentals, to Mettick’s chagrin. Opera Nuova is Sinistra’s final piece - she expires in the penultimate bar due to the conductor’s sabotage of the forbidden accidental keys.

Composed 1998 rev. 2020

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ISMN 9790720249476

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