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Year Seven Frolics

By Gina Ismene Chitty

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For piano,  c.3'45  Advanced level of difficulty

Year Seven Frolics incorporates “honky tonky” riffs and syncopated rhythmic propulsions that project the ebullience and rush of high spirited schoolgirls. This piece draws on the syncopated style of ragtime predominant in American popular music around the late 1800s.

Composed 2021

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      Year's last lovliest smile, The

      By Phillip Wilcher

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      Solo piano, c.2'50. Grade 6
      Composed 2016

      Recorded by John Martin on Another Look at Autumn (Wirr 102) available online

      Recorded by Jeanell Carrigan on Simply Beautiful Wirr 123.  Available online

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      Yellow Bracken (Powys) #1

      By Horace Keats

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      Soprano and piano, c. 1'30

      Grade: 5
      Genre: Neo classical
      Tempo: Marked Allegretto, crochet equals one hundred and twelve.  A poem of love from our distant past.

      Words by John Cowper Powys.

      Recorded by Wendy Dixon and David Miller on Echo (ABC Classics) available online

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      ISMN M720007649 

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      Yellow Bracken Oboe and Piano

      By Brennan Keats

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      Oboe and piano, c.1'30

      First performed using the original song (Powys) by Sir Charles Mackerras accompanied by the composer, Horace Keats, now arr. Brennan Keats (2006)

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      ISMN M720060989
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      Yemenite Wedding Dance

      By Linda Phillips

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      Flute and piano, c.7'00.  Grade: Professional standard

      This dramatic dance was not previously published, and the manuscript contained no composition date. It is a vibrant dance in four sections based on traditional Yemenite melodies (Southern Arabia).

      Edited by Jeanell Carrigan

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      By Linda Phillips

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      Violin and piano, c.5'00.  Advanced grade (8th)

      The title refers to a “Jewish hymn which in various rituals shares with Adon 'Olam the place of honour at the opening of the morning and the close of the evening service.” The words sung during the prayer can be translated as “may He be magnified.” Phillips wrote this work for violin and piano using the material associated with this hymn in a one movement work.

      Edited by Jeanell Carrigan

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      Ylang Ylang

      By John Spence

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      Clarinet and piano, c.4'40. Grade 8

      This clarinet music is about passion - both instruments are interweaved in a dramatic counterpoint of intense melodic articulation.  Recorded on the CD, piano and ... (Wirr003) available online.
      Composed 2005

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       ISMN M720060248

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      York Service

      By Brett M Mckern

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      SATB and organ, c.7'30.   Composed 2010
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      Yorkshire Picture (Hyde)

      By Miriam Hyde

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      Medium to high voice and piano, c.1'50
      Words by Miriam Hyde.

      Composed 1982

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      ISMN M720072258 

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      You Were Never My Country

      By Michael Hugh Dixon

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      Soprano, horn and piano

      Inspired by a poem that Chryssy Tintner wrote in November 2015 - with the sentiment that some of us sense: that we only borrow a connection to the land for awhile. This seems to contrast with the experience of many Indigeneous people, whose connection runs very deep (to put it simplistically). There are other layers to the poem as well as can be sensed on listening or reading.
      Composed 2017

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       ISMN 9790720209005

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      Young Pianist's Guide to New England

      By Richard Peter Maddox

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      Four solo piano works

      Composed 2002.

      • 1. Guyra: Colonial Waltz, Grade 4
      • 2. Uralla: Moon in Winter, (previously Grade 2 Piano Leisure book)
      • 3. Armidale: Eel in the Creek? Grade 6
      • 4. Glen Innes: Tossing the Caber, Grade 4

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      Audio samples by pianist Jennifer Hammond: Guyra; Uralla; Armidale; Glen Innes

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          Your Foot Print Through the Forest

          By Piotr Nowotnik

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          For solo guitar
          Composed 2016

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