Voice of Australia, Volume II (High)

By Miller, Dixon

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High voice and piano.  
Songs by 13 Australian composers. 

Demonstrating the unique relationship between poet, composer, singer and pianist in the genre of art song
"Ideally, contemporary Australian Art Song speaks to Australians in a language with which they can readily identify.  As surely as the creative spirit inspires our poets and composers, an essence of their lives enters into our artistic lexicon and by this we are all enriched.  In this resource songs we are sharing with you that have enriched our lives through their music and their poetry.
After the considerable success of Voice of Australia Volume 1,we were emboldened to continue the adventure with a second volume.  Once again we offer aids to teachers, singers and pianists in the hope that this will encourage you all to include these songs as part of your repertoire.  We hope this spirit of exploration will serve as an inspiration for you to also investigate the huge wealth of Australian Art Song still to be discovered.
Our choices of songs for this book are highly idiosyncratic of course.  However our guiding criterion was that all the composers represented had written or are in the process of writing a sizeable output for voice and piano.
We have also attempted to represent a variety of tonal and melodic styles with a range of fast and slow songs.  Where possible we have chosen songs with texts by Australian composers, wanting to share aspects of readily recognizable Australian life and thought." Wendy Dixon and David Miller
Some exercises are included based on material found in the songs.
The accompanying CD includes performances of all the songs and rehearsal versions.
Composed between: 1998 and 2014

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