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Accidental Encounters

By Tania Owens

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and casual conversations ...

Flute and piano, c.4'00.  Grade 5

This piece was conceived as a duo where both voices have the opportunity to speak independently in a relaxed yet virtuosic manner, and then to combine in conversation as true equals. It spans classical and jazz traditions and explores the same melodic material within these two musical styles.

Composed 2019

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ISMN 9790720226767

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Australian Choral Anthology Volume 1 - SATB

By choral

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16 works for SATB with distinctly Australian content, composed by various Australian composers.

A ‘call for scores’ requested that the word content must be of ‘distinctly Australian flavour’. More than 40 works were submitted, obviously more than one volume!  Hence, three volumes have emerged with one each for SATB choirs (mostly with piano accompaniment); a SA choir; and choir with instruments other than piano (with separate instrument parts).  As a result, their words have captured our Australian fabric; gum trees, many types of birds - kookaburras, magpies, currawong, even the Noisy Miner, and more - brumbies, bushfires, climate, seasons, and of course, arrangements of traditional folk songs.

Overall, we have tried to make this project as accessible as possible to ensure that this Australian music is heard and appreciated by many and enjoyed by the singers. 

Multiple choir copies of any of the works can be purchased individually under license at very reasonable rates. Please contact

Enjoy these new Australian pieces!

  • Andy’s Gone with Cattle – John Martin
  • Brumbies – Carolyn Morris
  • Country Towns - Vivien Arnold
  • Ghost Gum – Tania Owens
  • Australian Bird Song – Joanne Burrows
  • Noisy Miners – Diana Blom
  • The Old Grey Gum – Robert Burrell
  • Bushfire Smoke Haze 0300 Day 30 – Brennan Keats
  • Country Towns #2 – Vivien Arnold
  • Early Summer – Brett McKern
  • Imprints in Fire Ash - Brennan Keats
  • Monsoon Time – Louise Denson
  • Moreton Bay – John D’Arcy
  • So Autumn Comes – Jocelyn E Kotchie
  • The Wild Colonial Boy – John Martin
  • Uluru – Thomas McConochie

     Sample page of each work

        ISMN 9790720231273

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        Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology Volume III

        By Katie Zhukov

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        Grades Intermediate (5th) to Advanced (Dip.)

        15 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian Women Composers 2020.  

        Again, especially written and selected for this volume as edited by Katie Zhukov and it includes a CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov.  

        This third volume of new piano repertoire by Australian women composers is a companion to the Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology (2015)  and Volume II (2017) published earlier by Wirripang.

        Commissioning new work from established and emerging composers provides an opportunity for women’s voices to be heard in the Australian classical music arena that tends to be dominated by live and recorded performances of music by male composers. Introducing new generations of piano students to music by women composers helps drive the grassroots campaign for gender equality in Australian classical music.
        The pieces vary in style from Romantic to contemporary, neo-classical, and jazz-influenced idioms.
        Each work is accompanied by the composer’s biography, composer comments and pedagogical advice. The grading will assist teachers is choosing repertoire of appropriate difficulty for study and as extra lists for examinations.

        Sheet music samples and links to the complete works on YouTube

        Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology - sheet music

                ISMN 9790720231624

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                Deep in the Winding Understory

                By Tania Owens

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                Solo flute, c.4'00.  Grade 6/7

                The vines wrap down around the trunks of the wizened strangler figs to meet the mighty buttress roots as they creep out over the forest floor.

                This is a programmatic piece depicting the rainforest environment and creatures. Work on creating subtle changes of colour with each statement of the theme. The tone of the theme should be dark and moody.

                Composed 2022

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                ISMN 9790673141056

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                By Tania Owens

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                Solo flute, c.4'00.  Grade 6

                The melody for Fantasie was inspired by harpist friends of mine with whom I often play flute. In it I attempted to capture the free and languid essence of that instrument by using flexible rhythmic motives, long phrases and glissandos. The use of the breath and pause is important in the piece with the idea of allowing significant phrases to hang momentarily in the air. The opening motive recurs in different disguises and moods throughout the piece and then again in its original form at the end of the work to close the circle.
                Composed 2017 

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                ISMN 9790720226750

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                I am She

                By Tania Owens

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                Soprano and piano, c.5'00

                I am She is a tribute to the female Goddess in all of us. It uses imagery inspired by the expansive waters of Wellington Point in Southeast Queensland where I first met and heard Leanne Swanson-McCarthy and her fellow talented musicians perform at a house concert overlooking Moreton Bay.

                The water imagery speaks to me of the female spirit and the sacred role we play as mothers and as givers of life. The cycles of water in the song echoes the cycles of the female body and remind us of the greater cycles of the world and of the universe around us.
                Composed 2020

                Audio  by Rosemarie Arthars (soprano) and Leanne Swanson-McCarthy (piano) used with permission.

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                ISMN 9790720249292

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                Out of Time, Volume 2 - Secular

                By choral

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                Various choral combinations, incl. SATB with and without divisi, unison voices, 2 part, with optional accompaniments variously for organ, and solo melodic line instrument. 

                The two volumes of Out of Time are asynchronous choral art music. Sacred and secular works by six Australian composers to celebrate the musical aesthetic resulting from the interesting aleatoric effects created by asynchronous choral writing, and can be performed live or online.

                    • Out of Time – Diana Blom
                    • Time Hangs Heavily – Brett McKern
                    • Music is a Gentle Hammer – Andrew Schultz
                    • Clearly Sing - Brett McKern
                    • Alfresco Dining – Brennan Keats
                    • Seven Rings of Saturn – Diana Blom
                    • Witches Cauldron - Diana Blom
                    • For Now - Diana Blom
                    • Waves on the Ocean - Tania Owens
                    • Drinking with Friends - Rod Heard

                     Sample pages

                    Sample piece with instructions

                        ISMN 9790720231617

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                        Review by Resonate Magazine

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                        Piano Progressions Anthology One

                        By Katie Zhukov

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                        Beginner to Grade 3

                        48 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian composers. 

                        New repertoire for Piano Progressions was commissioned from Australian male and female composers to celebrate 10 years since the release of Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology in 2011. The first anthology consisted of three books, with 46 new works from Grade One to Diploma level. The success of this publication had led to two Australian Women Composers’ Anthologies in 2015 and 2019 and a third in 2021, all aiming at intermediate-to-advanced piano students. The feedback from teachers indicated the need for more repertoire at beginner-to-intermediate level, resulting in the two books of Piano Progressions that provide fresh teaching materials from Preliminary to Grade 6 level.

                        Especially written and selected for this volume as edited by Katie Zhukov

                            • Preliminary grade
                            • Big Ben Calls – Brennan Keats
                            • Little Starfish/Little Bluefish – Brennan Keats
                            • Happy Cats – Yvonne Barton-Leach
                            • Happy Days – Mark Matthews
                            • Kangaroo Jazz – Joanne Burrows
                            • Dusky Bells 1 – Ann Carr-Boyd
                            • Dusky Bells 2 – Ann Carr-Boyd
                            • At Home Again Blues – Joanne Burrows
                            • Tenderly – Simone Lobbia
                            • Murrumbidgee Deep – Joanne Burrows  
                            • Rainbows and Sunshowers – Learne Faint
                            • Windy Weather – Joanne Burrows
                            • Rock Riff – Amanda Handel
                            • Skecher Shuffle – Mark Matthews
                            • Leap-Frog ? Tip-Toad – Graeme Wright Denniss
                            • Kangaroos – Carolyn Morris
                            • The Woodpecker – Brett McKern
                            • Chester Chicken’s Afternoon Stroll – Jocelyn E Kotchie
                            • Grade 1
                            • The Beanie Boo Bounce – Mark Matthews
                            • Suspended – Simone Lobbia
                            • March of the Fire Ants – Jocelyn E Kotchie
                            • River of Dreams – Michael Hannan
                            • Lilia Prima – Robert Burrell
                            • River Stones – Nicole Murphy
                            • M.I.A. – Mark Matthews 
                            • Low Tide – Jennifer Trynes
                            • Play for Pleasure – Betty Beath
                            • Letting go … – Mark Matthews
                            • Reverie – Simone Lobbia 
                            • Grade 2
                            • Morning Calm – Brennan Keats
                            • Melody from the Fridge – John D’Arcy
                            • A Little Waltz for Sara – Ann Carr-Boyd
                            • Bag Walk – John D’Arcy
                            • Head in the Clouds – Amanda Handel
                            • Happy Daze – Carolyn Morris
                            • Gum Tree Waltz – Joanne Burrows
                            • Phantom of the Pyramid – Amanda Handel
                            • Rainbow Lori – Jocelyn E Kotchie
                            • Tripping Lightly – Phillip Wilcher
                            • Reflections in the Looking Glass – Tania Owens
                            • Rockin’ Sonatina – Joanne Burrows
                            • Suave – Jennifer Trynes
                            • Misty Morning – Joanne Burrows
                            • Grade 3 (transitioning)
                            • A Sedate Little Waltz – Ann Carr-Boyd
                            • B for Bass – Graeme Wright Denniss
                            • Bright ‘n’ Breezy – John Martin
                            • The Time Traveller – Jocelyn E Kotchie 
                            • Catherine – John D’Arcy

                            Sheet music samples

                            Piano Progressions Anthology One - sheet music

                            and YouTube links
                            Listen to the following selection of pieces from both Anthologies One and Two performed by students of Riverina Conservatorium of Music, Wagga Wagga, courtesy RCM.

                            Sample recital performance:

                            A Little Waltz for Sara (Ann Carr-Boyd)
                            Bag Walk (John D'Arcy)
                            Chester Chicken's Afternoon Stroll (Jocelyn E Kotchie)
                            The Beanie Boo Bounce (Mark Matthews)
                            Phantom of the Pyramid (Amanda Handel)
                            Melody from the Fridge (John D'Arcy)
                            Tripping Lightly (Phillip Wilcher)
                            Reverie (Simone Lobbia)
                            Promise of Hope (Learne Faint)

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                                  Shadow Play

                                  By Tania Owens

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                                  Solo flute, c.2'00.  Grade 6

                                  Shadow Play offers an opportunity to display your flexibility as a flautist and requires you to carefully consider the moods represented in each section of the work. The trill that defines the end of each section acts as a kind of gateway into the change of mood.  It is a fun piece full of contrasts.

                                  Composed 2022

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                                  ISMN 9790673144651

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                                  Soran Bushi

                                  By Tania Owens

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                                  Flute Choir, c.2'00

                                  Soran Bushi is an arrangement of a famous Japanese fishing song and it is sung and danced at festivals all over japan. It was traditionally sung as the fishermen hauled in the nets full of fish.
                                  This arrangement is to be played strongly and rhythmically with high energy. The word “Soran” has no meaning, but was used to keep the men in time as they hauled the nets in. Hai Hai is Yes Yes in Japanese. These are to be shouted loudly and energetically.
                                  Composed 2018

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                                  ISMN 9790720226781

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                                  Spanish Lady

                                  By Tania Owens

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                                  Flute Choir, c.3'30

                                  Spanish Lady is an arrangement of an Irish folk song set for four flutes and a piccolo with the flutes often working in pairs
                                  Composed 2018

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                                  ISMN 9790720226774

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