On the Sorrow of War - CD

By Rachel Tolmie

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1The title of this CD was inspired by the story of HMAS Sydney and her final sea-battle with the German raider HSK Kormoranon November 19, 1941. This poignant and most magnificent writing by Peter Webb, for cor anglais, voice and orchestra, concludes the recording.  While in contrast, more light-hearted works by Peter Webb, Paul Paviour, Brett M McKern and John Martin for cor anglais and piano are performed by Rachel Tolmie and pianist John Martin.
Wirr 053

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On the Sorrow of War (Peter Webb) [1-3]
1  Conflict
2  Elegy
3  Redemption
Miniature Suite (Peter Webb) [4-9]
4  Prelude
5  Scherzo
6  Minute
7  March

8  Interlude
9  Rondino
Three Sketches (Paul Paviour) [10-12]
10 A Ramble for Two
11 The Beach at Midnight
12 Canto Popularie
13 Watercolour Waltz (John Martin)
14 Sonatina (Brett M McKern)