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Danger Zone

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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12 piano solos - for early-intermediate to late-intermediate (grades 1 to 5)

Inspired by the demands of young male students for fast, dark and scary music - but not exclusively. Many young girls take pleasure in speed, and teenage girls relate strongly to rich dark textures and melodies which stimulate their emotional responses. The aim of these pieces is to cultivate sound technical development along with the requisite capturing of the imagination. Fast music provides a wonderful opportunity to work with and hone technical skills. Fast playing is most effective when countered with stasis or variation in the tempo.
Composed 2014 

Below are samples of each piece and complete audio tracks


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All grades listed below are suggested AMEB equivalent. 
Danger Zone, Grade 3-4 - $6.00   Buy Now
Tomb Spiders, Grade 4-5 - $4.00  Buy Now
Under Attack, Grade 5 - $4.00  Buy Now
Into the Fire - Grade 3 - $4.00  Buy Now
Hell's Bells, Grade 2 - $4.00  Buy Now
Monster Blues, Grade 1 - $4.00  Buy Now
Racing with Nightmares, Grade 2 - $4.00  Buy Now
Fishing for Trouble, Grade 1-2 - $4.00  Buy Now
Dirt Bike Heaven, Grade 2 - $4.00  Buy Now
Brave the Warrior, Grade 3 - $4.00  Buy Now
Flight of the Sorcerer, Grade 3 - $4.00  Buy Now
After the Apocalypse, Grade 5 - $4.00  Buy Now
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 ISMN 9790720140681

Dowager Sheng is Just!

By Nicholas Vines

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Violin and piano. Grade 7
Like an imperial banquet, Dowager Sheng is Just! is a sumptuous array of tasty morsels.  This is the tempered feast of a widowed empress, however, the emphasis is not on devouring every delicacy but savouring a few ingredients virtuosically recast in many dishes. Composed 2013

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 ISMN 9790720140797

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Dracula's Castle

By Simone Lobbia

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String Ensemble for young musicians, c.9'00 (suggested grade 3)

Dracula's Castle
is a short story depicted in Music.

The composition includes some extras that aim to help the Conductor. It includes a 3rd Violin part in place of the Viola part and a Cello2 part in place of Double bass. Due to the fact that the 3rd movement “Fuga/The Escape” is the most challenging in terms of technique, included is a facilitated score of this movement.

The composer's intent was to create a composition that teachers may use for didactic purposes in teaching music. The style of the composition itself is an example of “program music”. The purpose is to guide the listener so that he or she may be able to connect the story (narrative extra-musical part) to the music. It gives the teacher the opportunity to deepen the concept and provide examples of program music in musical history (e.g. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition).

Composed 2017

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      ISMN 9790720226293
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      Dryad's Dance

      By Miriam Hyde

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      Flute and piano, c.1'40, Grade 7-8
      Composed 1957

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       ISMN 97907201040865

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      Eagle and The Whale, The

      By Brennan Keats

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      For chamber ensemble, flute, clarinets and cello,  c.3'40

      This miniature chamber work illustrates an imagined meeting between these two large creatures whose normal habitats are the extremities of our globe. Out of this exchange flows the concept of melody.

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          ISMN 9790673140202

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          By Linda Phillips

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          Chassidic air and dance for oboe, violin, cello and piano. 
          Composition date unknown

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          By Christina Green

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          String Orchestra, c.5'40.
          The work was inspired by the rescue in July 2008 of Columbian/French politician and activist Ingrid Betancourt, and fourteen other hostages, from captivity in the Columbian jungle, where they had been held by FARC members for six years.  Audio:   Southern Cross Philharmonia orchestra, conductor Gerald Gentry.  Composed 2008

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          ISMN 9790720140476
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          Glenlyon Road

          By Christina Green

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          Solo guitar, c.7'35.

          Audio sample:  Ken Murray (guitar).
          Composed 2008

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          ISMN 9790720140575
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          Goldfish Never Smile on Sunday

          By Paul Paviour

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          Flute, B flat clarinet, violin, cello and and piano in four movements.
          Composed 2004
          • 1. Prelude for Pongo Pearson, 
          • 2. Mechanicals,
          • 3. Romance for Marguerite and Damien
          • 4. March Past of the Hairy Ones.

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          ISMN M720166438

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          Gypsy Tale, A

          By Martin Lass

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          For string orchestra, c.3'00/ c.5'00 with repeats. Suitable for intermediate ensembles.
          The composer has captured some of the quintessential elements of the gypsy (Romany) style incorporating Russian and Hungarian folksong elements.
          “A Gypsy Tale” is full of gypsy longing, romance, and dancing.
          Composed 2022

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          ISMN 9790673143579

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          Image & Refraction

          By Ross Fiddes

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          Instrumental Octet, c.5'30. Advanced level of difficulty.

          For: Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon, Horn in F, Violins I, II, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass.

          The piece begins with growling melody beginning in 11/4 for lower instruments, gradually coming ‘into the light’ – the Image. This melody is then fractured and used within the Refraction section, with lyrical and melodic overlays.

            Composed 1987, rev. 2023

            Music samples and YouTube link

             ISMN 9790673142862

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            Jeux à Deux

            By May Howlett

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            Scored for two pianos, c.6'40.   Grade 8 and above.
            A playful conversation between two pianos - echoes the games people play, chasing each other in a display of various styles, moods and modes. Different musical genres, from the elegant waltz, to a raunchy slow boogie are wrapped in a fabric of contemporary tonal themes, the main protagonists in these “games”.  Composed 1988.
            Two scores for hard copy purchase

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             ISMN 9790720140582

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