Music for Secondary Students - Rock Around the Globe

By Meryl Jackson-Kew, Aleksandar Vujic

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Investigating the concepts/elements of music. 
A resource book for secondary students

ROCK AROUND THE GLOBE is a collection of music that explores Rock Music from a variety of countries located in Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas, Oceania, Scandinavia and United Kingdom.  All questions and activities are suitable for students studying music in secondary education systems.

The topic Rock Music explores the concepts/elements of music- pitch, duration/rhythm, texture, tone colour/timbre, structure/form, dynamics and expressive techniques, as well as unity and contrast.

Rock Around the Globe has been broken down into 16 individual chapters that explore Rock Music from Australia, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and United States of America.  Artists and bands that cover a wide variety of genres and styles within Rock, have been selected from each country. An additional chapter has been included with two independent based projects, should the educator choose to use it as part of an assessment task.

Each chapter has aural and written activities for the student to complete.  The pages in the book have been designed as ready to go worksheets for the educator to use or it can be used as a work book for students to complete in the classroom.    Further exploration of the music and traditions from each country, is enhanced through research activities at the end of each chapter. This section requires the student to use the process of critical and creative thinking when investigating, analysing and evaluating the music.  

Music educators and students have options to choose which content from the book is relevant to their curriculum and study needs.

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ISBN: 978-1-876829-63-6