Imaginings - Book 2

By Learne Faint

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9 Piano duets and trios.  2nd to 4th Grades

A collection of fanciful performance pieces in various genres incorporating a wonderful mixture of imagination, magic and adventure.

    • Of Ancient Times, c.1'33 audio
    • Mystic Kingdom, c.1'31 audio
    • Playful Unicorns, c.0'59 audio
    • Rainbows and Flutterbies, c.1'27 audio
    • Knights Arise, c.1'22 audio
    • Demons, Goblins, Ghouls, c.1'15 audio
    • Zir Argoryth c.1'16 audio
    • Imaginings, c.2'00 audio
    • Sarsen Castle, 2'52 audio

    Composed 2019

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    ISMN 9790720227016
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