Deep blue and dirty

By Andrew Schultz

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The title work of this CD, Deep blue and dirty, is a work for bassoon and piano, based on two connected themes cleverly developed so that they move throughout the work without interruption as it unfolds about the listener.  Thus, the cleverness of the composer, Andrew Schultz, is revealed as we are led down a series of works highlighting leaps ahead of conventional theory to make music a unique experience.  Southern Cross Soloists,  Stephen Emmerson and Lucinda Collins together have created this wonderful CD of chamber and vocal music.

Wirr 065

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1   After Nina [10'33)

To the evening star
   - 2   Lake Isle of Innisfree [4'33]
   - 3   Pied beauty [1'15]
   - 4   Mezzo Cammin [4'03]
   - 5   Money, O! [2'38]
   - 6   To the evening star [5'07]
7   Indigo Invention [5'41]
8  Lines drawn from silence... [12'29]
9   Deep blue and dirty [8'28]
10 Master Mariner - Lost at Sea [4'59]