Fantasia No.16

By Larry Sitsky

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for Lever Harp, advanced grade

Fantasias for “small” harp (No.16) and for computerised “blue” harp (No.17) were composed for performances in the Antarctica, one in the open and the other indoors.These performances were carried out on the Antarctic continent, by Alice Giles, during the summer of 2011.

I felt this piece by Larry Sitsky to be the most appropriate expression of the place and my feelings; a response to the awe-inspiring intersection of the sense of time immemorial and the power of the physical elements; neither sad nor happy, but a voice coming from a deep place within, singing clearly amidst the wonder of creation. The harmonic language evokes the sombre strength of the rocks, and the rhythmic notation captures the feeling of an improvisation. (Alice Giles)

Composed 2010

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ISMN 9790720231419

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