Improvisations and Comprovisations

By Tinkler, Hannan, Deacon

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A collaboration of "comprovisation" practice engaged by Michael Hannan and Mic Deacon and "improvisation" techniques by virtuoso trumpet performer, Scott Tinkler resulting in more inventive and adventurous works.  The recording includes both unedited improvisations as well as heavily edited comprovisations.
Wirr 051

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 1.  Whale Song (Hannan, Tinker, Deacon)
 2.  Beespeak (Hannan, Tinker, Deacon)
 3.  Beespeak remix (Tinker)
 4.  Trumpet Speech (Hannan, Tinker, Deacon)
 5.  Quaquaversal (Hannan, Tinker, Deacon)
 6.  Ancient Cedar Trees (Hannan)
 7.  Ancient Cedar Trees Impro 1 (Hannan, Tinker)
 8.  Ancient Cedar Trees Impro 3 (Hannan, Tinker)
 9.  Bubbles (Tinker)
 10.  Bubbles and Squeaks (Tinker
 11.  Catzniteout (Hannan, Tinker, Deacon)
 12.  African Polyphony (Hannan, Tinker, Deacon)