In the Rose Garden

By Miriam Hyde

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A collection of 17 songs for high to medium voice and piano Includes CD of all works by soprano, Wendy Dixon and pianist, David Miller, who have also recorded 27 songs by Miriam Hyde on Fire in My Heart (Wirr 044) - available online.

Print music also available for individual songs, view first page of each song by individual song entries.

1    The River and the Hill (Henry Kendall) c.2'58
2    Nightfall by the River (W Allder Morrison) c.4'32
3    Laughter (Hilda Hammond-Spencer) c.1'36
4    The Illawarra Flame (Patricia Francis) c. 3'06
5    Anzac Threnody (Dorothea Dowling) c. 2'16
6    Dawn Service (Mary Bertram) c.2'48
7    In the Rose Garden (Marjorie Kenna) c.1'18
8    The First Boronia (Miriam Hyde) c.2'27
9    Leaves in the Wind (Miriam Hyde) c.1'49
10  The Apple Tree (Patricia Hackett) c.2'00
11  My Sorrow Stirs (Hilda Hammond-Spencer) c.4'02
12  Prayer for Rain (Miriam Hyde) c.3'06
13  Late June (Valerie Barton) c.1'52
14  Winter Willow Music (Miriam Hyde) c.2'17
15  Thoughts at Dusk (Miriam Hyde) c.1'58
16  A Song of Autumn (Adam Lindsay Gordon) c.1'55
17  Twilight Beach (Dorothea Dowling) c.3'33

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