In Tribute

By Dulcie Holland

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Fantasy for violin and piano upon a theme of Hooper Brewster-Jones, c.8'00

It is a fantasy based on a theme by South Australian composer Hooper Brewster-Jones. The theme being the melody in the middle of the piece played by both the violin and the piano, which accompanies the theme with very lush harmony. The work opens in a very dramatic fashion, fanfare–style, and the influence of Richard Strauss or Richard Wagner is fairly obvious in the use of harmonic progressions and the density of harmony used. Alfred Hill, who would have been Holland’s main mentor in 1932 was a fanatical Wagnerite!  Composed 1932

The volume includes a CD performed by Goetz Richter (violin) and Jeanell Carrigan (piano) and recorded as In Tribute (Wirr 105) available online

Researched, edited and recorded by Jeanell Carrigan

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ISMN 9790720227207
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