Miss Lucy Havens requests - CD

By Diana Weston

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Music-making in the homes of early Australian settlers

Danielle Grant soprano, Tara Hashambhoy violin, Angus Ryan cello, Lucy Cormack cello, Diana Weston harpsichord, square piano

This album is made up largely of material derived from a portfolio labelled ‘Lucy Havens’, part of a large sheet music collection in the keep of Sydney Living Museums. The collection, donated by Stuart Symonds, comprises upwards of 2500 individual songs and pieces that were an integral part of domestic life in colonial Australia. The music within the ‘Lucy Havens’ portfolio is of unexpectedly good quality, highly listenable and enjoyable. Taken with the whole, it is also important as an historical entity - as an insight into the society, entertainment and culture of people in the early years of colonization.

Lucy Havens (1804-1867) was born in Monimail, Fife in Scotland, and moved to Whitehaven, Cumberland in the north of England before migrating to Sydney with her family in 1839.  She married twice, the first in 1850 to a former convict and successful businessman Thomas Hyndes.  Following his death in 1855, to a Scottish Presbyterian minister, William Purves.

Wirr 110

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Ignace Pleyel
Sonata in G major from ‘Six Sonatas for the Piano Forte or harpsichord with an Accompaniment for a Flute or Violin and Violoncello’
[1] (i) Allegro
[2] (ii) Adagio
[3] (iii) Allegro molto

‘Scotch Songs’ with violin obbligatos by Australian composer Ann Carr-Boyd
[4] Up in the morning early ‘A favourite Scots song set for the voice, Piano-forte or Harpsichord by John Hamilton’
[5] Gloomy Winter’s now awa’ ‘by R. Tannahill with an accompaniment by R.A. Smith’
[6] Within a mile of Edinburgh ‘A celebrated Scotch Song by Mr Hook’
[7] Robin Adair (trad.) ‘A favourite Song sung at all the Glee Clubs’

John Ross
[8] ‘An Admired Scotish [sic] Air arranged with variations for the Piano Forte’

A medley of Gaelic dances
[9] The Waterloo Strathspey and Reel by Nathaniel Gow
[10] The Roxburgh Ball Waltz and Reel by Nathaniel Gow
[11] Mr. Wilson’s Strathspey and Rope Dance ‘arranged for the Piano forte or Violin and Violoncello by Mr. Clarkson’

William Browne
[12] Three short waltzes from ‘Collection of Waltzes for the Piano Forte’

From The Gaelic Old Smuggler Hotch-Potch 6th edition 1911
[13] Lady Carolina Nairne (1766 – 1845) The Land o’ the Leal
[14] Medley (trad.) Lament for the dead of the battlefield; The reel of Tulloch; Johnnie Cope

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