Play with Ease

By Michael Hugh Dixon

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This training band program has been developed to allow beginners to start together whilst playing some of their easiest notes. This requires the use of harmony from the outset. Concert B-flat is easy to produce on a clarinet and a saxophone but not at all easy on a flute or an oboe. The same note is easy for many a player of the trumpet, baritone and trombone yet some find a concert F easier, so there are options for those players. Horn players often find a concert F easier to play than a concert B-flat at, also a concert F is easily playable on both a single B-flat at horn and a single F horn. Concert A is an easy note on the flute and oboe, although a B would be easier, the A is not much more complicated and provides a nice note in the dominant chord of B-flat at major. The whole process begins with alternating B-flat at and F chords. Often, training band leaders direct from a keyboard, so the chords are shown above the flute part to make it simple to play along.
Each student has a page advising the numbers to practice each week and the program is divided into sections to give the feeling of completion from time to time. It is important that each band be directed at the most appropriate pace, therefore the music director should feel at liberty to overlap the designated weekly projects, hold them back, or skip some altogether. Much effort has been made to progress the players of an instrument at a decent pace. It is anticipated that many players will be ready to play other published material by the time they can play the numbers at the end of the book. 

Composed 2018

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ISMN 9790720214429

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