Reckoning, The

By Amanda Handel

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Solo piano in three movements, c.16-17'00.  Advanced level of difficulty. Composed 2022

Chosen for the Preliminary Round Recital in the Sydney International Piano Competition 2023 as a new Australian work. Performers are at liberty to choose any two of the three movements to suit the time requirements of the competition.

The mix of dark and dangerous elements with fantasy and beauty is what has made fairy-tales and myths so compelling and enduring as universal teaching tales all over the world. The old tale of The Red Shoes has been told in various versions, in many lands. This is Clara Pinkola Estés' telling and analysis of it in Women Who Run with the Wolves. The composition The Reckoning is a psychic narrative inspired by the tale which may pique our curiosity about human nature and behaviour. 

The music progresses through three main phases, each conjuring a series of shifts in the psychic and emotional states of the story's protagonist as events unfold towards the ultimate reckoning. The red shoes represent any number of universal situations or desires involving acquisitions, ambitions, people, relationships, ventures and adventures ...

ISMN 9790673141179
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