Simply Lyrical Book 1

By Learne Faint

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8 pieces for solo piano, Grades 1 - 4

This is a collection of lyrical works for solo piano. All have been well received by various examiners and examining bodies, when used as extra pieces for the grade levels indicated.
They are designed to be played in order to introduce and develop sound technical and pedagogical concepts through use of patterning. The book encompasses varying styles of music which are driven by melody.
Composed 2018

  • The Jazzy Dragon, Grade 1, Etude, C major, c.1.00  and audio      
  • Day Dreams, Grade 2,Waltz, E minor, c.1.45 and audio
  • Celtic Moments, Grade 2 , Modern Romantic, C major, c.1.15 and audio   
  • Echoes Of You, Grade 3, Etude, Lydian Mode, c.2.05 and audio
  • Pictures In My Mind, Grade 3, Modern Romantic, Aeolian Mode, c.2.22 and audio
  • Spanish Winds, Grade 3, Rhapsody, A minor, c.1.50 and audio
  • Spirits Run Free, Grade 4, Modern Romantic, Aeolian Mode, c.2.08  and audio       
  • Shadowing Flowers, Grade 4, Modern Romantic, D minor, c.2.14 and audio

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