Sonata for Violin and Piano

By Dulcie Holland

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Violin and piano, c.15'00

The sonata is in three movements. The first movement opens with a fanfare-type flourish played by the violin over a dominant pedal in the piano. The Edvard Grieg Sonata for Violin and Piano op. 13 in G major opens in a similar fashion and it is not known whether this sonata was a source of inspiration for Holland. The structure is not a straightforward sonata-allegro form instead it is built on several themes which reappear, closing with a coda.

The second movement is slow and in the style of a fantasy – free form. The third movement contains a jolly opening theme followed by a slower middle section. The opening theme returns to place the movement into a quasi-ternary form. It is a challenging work for both instruments and definitely an example of a duo work, both instruments playing an equal part.

Composed 1937

Researched and edited  by Jeanell Carrigan

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