String Quartet 1

By Timothy Franklin

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String Quartet in five movements.

Movement I is the modification to the classical formal structure. It serves as a prelude to the more formally and harmonically complex later movements. Movement II is the start of the ‘classical’ quartet structure – a traditionally brisk opening movement in a minimalist sonata form.
Movement III is a slow movement in ternary form, featuring harmony consisting largely of structures generated using stacked fifths of various types.
Movement IV is a Scherzo featuring a needling chromatic melody that is not quite in the key of F minor.
Movement V is in a form inspired by a certain Beethoven piano sonata in C minor, that of a sonata form with a slow introduction. It utilises an odd meter to convey both aggressive and ‘singing’ material, and synthesises intervallic, polytonal, and modal harmonic approaches.
Composed 2017

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ISMN 9790720172736
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