Trouble with Geraniums, The (volume)

By Stephen Yates

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Medium to High voice and piano. A collection of four songs set to words of Mervyn Peake. Composed 1995 rev 2000.
  • 1. An Angry Cactus does no good, c.1'50
  • 2. O Little Fly, c.0'52
  • 3. O Love! O Death! O Ecstasy! c.2'50
  • 4. The Trouble with Geraniums,1'40
"The Trouble with Geraniums" - AMEB Manual List C, Level 2 4th grade

Songs 1 and 4 are on Trinity College/Guildhall Singing Syllabus and recorded on Songs from Australia and Simply Songs by Wendy Dixon and David Miller, available online.

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