Two Pieces for Piano

By Kevin March

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For solo piano

Toccata Stella Australis.  This brisk, quixotic toccata in 3/4 encapsulates the contemplation of a single star coursing through the galaxy, taking stargazing firmly out of the realm of sentimental nocturne and placing it into that of an ecstatic, eccentric scherzo.

Of Lightning Bolts and Chopin.  The work is characterized by thick, chaotic, rhapsodic flourishes which dissipate from time to time to unveil faint whispers of Chopin.

    • 1.  Toccata Stella Australis, c.1'00
    • 2. Lightning Bolts and Chopin, c.3'15
      Composed 2019

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        ISMN 9790720227184

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