Two Songs by Gordon Rodda (Rodda)

By Brennan Keats

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Medium voice and piano.

  • 1. Prayer, c.2'00
  • 2. On a Gate & Tower at Yu-Chou, c.0'50

A gifted musician and pianist but little is known of Gordon Rodda.  He shone on one occasion when the Australian pianist William Murdoch returned home during 1929 and one of his engagements was to play the Greig Piano Concerto with the ABC Orchestra in a broadcast.   At the last-minute Murdoch became extremely ill and was unable to perform.  Gordon Rodda was asked to ‘step in’ and so memorised the work overnight and the broadcast went ahead.

It is understood that Gordon was to go to Germany to further his pianistic career during the mid 1930’s and there he disappeared.

Composed by Gordon Rodda 1928/29.  Edited by Brennan Keats 2020.

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